From 80’s Meh to 60’s Mod!

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If Clothes Could Talk

Sometimes it’s fun to make a vintage dress from one era look like a vintage dress from a completely different era!

Take this dress from the 1980s:

Don’t literally “take” it. Just look at it, okay? ;)

It’s not very exciting, is it?  I saw several details I really liked, such as that lace front panel and the pleating on the front bodice.  But it was just too blah for a fun day of celebrating with friends!  :/

Don’t fear!  I knew exactly what I needed to do to transform this dress from 80’s meh to 60’s mod!

First, I trimmed off the sleeves.


Then, I plopped my new dress onto my form and got pinning!

Going for that classic 60’s shell-style dress!

A quick stitch session ensued!

Just a couple o seams!

I still needed to close up those arm holes.  First, I added a few triangular notches to make them fold under nicely.

These notches will save you from lots of frustration!

Of course, I had to pin & stitch them down!

See? Those notches keep it looking nice & neat!

I chopped off a bit from the bottom of my dress, going for a 1960’s mod length!


Even though this tight-knit polyester fabric wasn’t going to fray, I still give that raw a nice new hem.  :)


It was so close to what I wanted, but my new dress desperately needed a bit more ooomph!  I had a nifty idea for how to make the top of the dress more interesting.  I began ripping off part of that lace panel, like so:


Then, I pinned & stitched it all back down.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

I cut a small section from the original hem of the dress and stitched it right above the lacey section.

The chosen scrap!

I tossed on some retro shades, a thick belt, some fab wedges, and a funky thrifted scarf, and was ready to go!

Groovy! :)

My pals and I had a blast wandering around Main Street for the SC Pride Festival!

We’re a fetching group! :)

I had a brief, but terrifying encounter with a giant purple spider!


Thankfully, Dan was able to protect me.

I think that neckline really makes this dress work! :)
Those sweet shades don’t hurt either!

We even got to witness the musical stylings of the 80’s legend,!

Take my breath awaaaaay!
But what do you think?
Selfie Close-up!


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