From Muumuu to Maxi Dress

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I love muumuus!  :)

Heck yeah!

They’re lightweight, comfy, and come in some pretty amazing colors & prints!

The only drawback is you really can’t wear them out in public.  Well…not without a little refashioning, that is!

This $1 thrifted muumuu is about to get big makeover with the help of this scrap of fabric I found at the $1 a Pound Goodwill (a terrific place to find fabric, btw!).


But first, I needed to take it in a good bit.

Aaaaand Cut!

Alright!  Now for that scrap!

So far, so good!

I laid out my scrap, folded it over to be the same length as the bottom hem of the dress, and then cut it accordingly.  I intentionally cut it way longer than necessary so I could get the length perfect after I attached it.

The idea is, I just wanted to add on to the bottom and leave a side slit (so I could walk).

I attached the fabric to the bottom of the dress…

Just pin it on!

…Then I sewed it on with some fun teal thread!

My favorite color! :)

I tried my dress on, marked my desired length with a safety pin, and chopped of the extra fabric.  All that was left to do was finish off those raw edges!

Pin & Stitch!

Check that muumuu now!  :)

Fun in fuschia!

I styled it with one of my fave  vintage thrifted belts, some huge shades, a lovely bangle a friend gave me that says “Live with passion.”, and some plain old flip flops.  :)

Fashion Blogger Pose #48

I rocked this new frock at the on Main Street, where I checked out the musical awesomeness that is !  :)

Woggles wobble, but they don’t fall down!
This gent has a crrrrrazy amount of energy! :)

Of course, I wasn’t alone!

What trickery is Ken contemplating???
He’s pretty swell. :)


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29 thoughts on “From Muumuu to Maxi Dress

  1. I LOVE this! And such a great idea – I’m tall and have a hard time finding long maxi dresses that don’t end up at an awkward length!

  2. I love it!!! I try so hard to find mumus down here in Florida but it has proven impossible. Old people here do not want to give them up….and who could blame them?! They are awesome!!

  3. Hi there,

    I have two questions/queries.
    1) Could you pleaseshow me how to refashion a bomber jacket? I have one,so gorgeous, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too puffy.

    2) Do you keep all your refashions? How big is your closet (huge?) and how do you arrange your wonderful refashions?

    Closet tour??? Maybe.

    Thank you, Francesca. Tasmanianminimalist

    1. 1. My sewing machine can’t handle leather, so for right now, it’s not possible. BUT…maybe I’ll be able to upgrade it soon!

      2. I keep a lot of them, some of them go to friends, and some of them get re-donated. My closet is actually a pretty big walk-in. I organize all of my dresses alphabetically by color (try it!).

      I juuuuust cleaned out my closet, so maaaaybe! ;)

  4. I doubted it would work – but so help me, it does! I think that, once again, it’s your clever accessorizing that brings it all together, including even your hair color. You have a keen eye, Jillian :)

  5. I love you blog. And not to put down this dress, but I think you can improve it by shorting the bottom contrast fabric and replacing the top piece of fabric (the V neck line) with the same fabric used on the bottom. Sorry if this is offensive, it is not intended, just thought I would give you my opinion to making this piece even better. !

    1. That’s not offensive at all! I allllmost did that, but I was worried about the different thicknesses of the fabrics looking weird (although it might have been just fine). It would have made it look more “together” though. :)

      1. I must say it is pretty exciting that you actually replied to my comment! And pretty exciting that you actually originally had that idea, just goes to show we should always go with our gut instincts

  6. I like this refashion, but what’s up with the white lacey top? A simpler black or hot pink would have looked Better of you feel it has a little too much cleavage ;-)

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