From Muumuu to Maxi Dress

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I love muumuus!  :)

Heck yeah!

They’re lightweight, comfy, and come in some pretty amazing colors & prints!

The only drawback is you really can’t wear them out in public.  Well…not without a little refashioning, that is!

This $1 thrifted muumuu is about to get big makeover with the help of this scrap of fabric I found at the $1 a Pound Goodwill (a terrific place to find fabric, btw!).


But first, I needed to take it in a good bit.

Aaaaand Cut!

Alright!  Now for that scrap!

So far, so good!

I laid out my scrap, folded it over to be the same length as the bottom hem of the dress, and then cut it accordingly.  I intentionally cut it way longer than necessary so I could get the length perfect after I attached it.

The idea is, I just wanted to add on to the bottom and leave a side slit (so I could walk).

I attached the fabric to the bottom of the dress…

Just pin it on!

…Then I sewed it on with some fun teal thread!

My favorite color! :)

I tried my dress on, marked my desired length with a safety pin, and chopped of the extra fabric.  All that was left to do was finish off those raw edges!

Pin & Stitch!

Check that muumuu now!  :)

Fun in fuschia!

I styled it with one of my fave  vintage thrifted belts, some huge shades, a lovely bangle a friend gave me that says “Live with passion.”, and some plain old flip flops.  :)

Fashion Blogger Pose #48

I rocked this new frock at the on Main Street, where I checked out the musical awesomeness that is !  :)

Woggles wobble, but they don’t fall down!
This gent has a crrrrrazy amount of energy! :)

Of course, I wasn’t alone!

What trickery is Ken contemplating???
He’s pretty swell. :)


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