Blair’s Reader ReFash!

From Muumuu to Maxi Dress
Earlewood Pub Crawl Dress

Happy Friday, all!  :)

This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Blair!

You take the good. You take the bad. You take ’em both and then you have The Facts of Life…

No no no no NO!  Not THAT Blair!  This Blair!

Sad 80’s dresses are still a Fact of Life. :/

Here’s my $4 thrift shop find. I took out the sleeves and shoulder pads, hemmed the skirt, put in bust darts, and changed the buttons. It was a ton of fun!

Love it!

Great job, Blair!  On a side note:  I’m totally jealous of your ombre wavy tresses!  :)

Look!  Even Ms. Garrett Approves!

Her eyes follow you…just like the Mona Lisa.


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