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I’ve never understood the point of weird fake-layered dresses like this one.  But thrift stores everywhere are full of ’em!

I don’t get it!

The top of this dress is DEFINITELY attached to the bottom, so why the illusion?

I needed something cute and comfy for a “Pub Crawl” through the Earlewood neighborhood.  This will do nicely, but not as-is.  Lucky for me, a secret was lurking under that fake top!  :)


You can see where I’ve snipped off the fakey top. This is the part that needs refashioning!  I think that black lining is going to work much better for what I have in mind.

I turned the dress inside-out, folded that top part under, and stitched it down.


Then I grabbed a bit of elastic and my bodkin (a safety pin will work too!)

I love this little doohicky! :)

I ran the elastic through its new casing until it came out on the other side!


I knotted the two ends together (as the elastic is teensy, I didn’t need to stitch it) and stitched the open part of the casing down.

After tossing on a yellow belt for a bit o’ color, I was ready to meet up with some impressively dedicated beer enthusiasts!


I even put on makeup!  :)

Eyeliner and everything! :D
Those people behind me know waaaay more about beer than I do! Am I in over my head?

As there are no actual pubs in the Earlewood neighborhood, we wandered from house to house, sampling an eclectic mix of beers and tasty food!

They were nice enough to allow a Southeast Cola girl (i.e. me) join them!

The beer kept flowing!

I’m a hand-talker.
My favorite beer of the day!
This evening is brought to you by Frank Zappa. :)

Dan and I had a marvelous time!

Photographic evidence of said marvelous time.

Why don’t you and your neighbors start a Neighborhood “Pub” Crawl this weekend?  :)


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