A Halter Dress with Vintage Flair!

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I just love vintage clothing, don’t you?  Like this dress from one of my fave thrift stores?

Technically, it is vintage.

Many of you have said you really wanted me to get on refashioning that orange and black dress on the rack in your comments, and I’m finally doing it!  :)

But what on earth am I going to do with this fake jacket/skirt dress?  to get started, I did a BUNCH of chopping!


I removed the sleeves, the collar, and the back of this dress.  As you can see from this post’s title, I’m going to turn it into a halter dress!

I flipped that fake jacket band up.  This will raise it to the proper height for my new dress.


I turned my dress inside-out and put it on my dress form.  Then, I got to taking it in from the back!

Take it all in!
Do you like my pin cushion bracelet?

I chopped of the excess material with my pinking shears.  Now I needed to close up those raw edges at the top of my dress.

Pin the sides!
Stitch ’em down!

The front of my halter was almost done!  All I needed to do now was attach that flipped-up waist band so it stays put!

Pin it up!
Stitch it down (I used a zigzag stitch)!

Almost done!  Now I just need straps to tie the top of my dress on!

I could have made straps from the leftover fabric, but I went with this instead:

It’s always good to have this on hand!

My reasoning for this is twofold.  First, I thought the black would look nice with the black waistband of the dress.  Second, I was in a hurry and this was a faster approach than stitching new straps!  :)

I pinned them on…


…then I stitched them down!

A final whirrrrrrr!

Now that dress is the right kind of vintage!  :)

I’m quite proud of this one!

This dress kind of reminds of Marilyn Monroe’s dress in The Seven Year Itch.

Just imagine it in orange & black!

It even looks nice from the back, too!


I wore my newly-refashioned dress out for drinks with friends, followed by a Concert at !  :)

None of us are actually British.
It’s Nathan Angelo & Friends!
It’s a bike! On the ceiling!
It’s Dan! :)


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