Manmosa Dress

Meet Me at the Alamo Drafthouse!
Welcome to Austin!

Ack!  I was a “before” shot failure on this one my friends!  :/

Yeah…That’s really helpful, eh?

You’re looking at a wraparound skirt from my FAVORITE Austin thrift shop, !

It’s quite amazeballs! :)
I could live here! :)
It’s a box…with a face…and a tie! :)
There are no words.
Meet Top Drawer Thrift’s awesome staff! :)

I found the following pieces to make the day’s outfit!

Mother of Pearl! :)
A stylin’ sash for 1/2 off!
25% off makes it $3!

This was a completely No-Sew refash.  For breakfast, I wore it tied in the front with the sash around my waist and Dan’s stylin’ Brewgrass hat.  Our friend Randy came up for a visit from Houston!  :)

That’s a frozen grapefruit mimosa in front of me btw.  Yum!

After a bit of reflection, I decided to move the knot to the side.

That print is just perfect for Texas, no? :)

I wore my new frock to , where I encounter the formidable and delicious Manmosa!

It’s one liter of awesome!

Ladybird enjoyed it too!  ;)

She’s really cultivating a unique sense of style, isn’t she?

I made my dining companions promise not to let me take Banger’s up on this generous offer.  ;)

How nice of them!

After consuming my massive beverage, I went out and made a new friend!

She’s such a good listener!


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