Welcome to Austin!

Manmosa Dress
First Plane to Austin Top

After Dan and I arrived in Austin post-plane nap,  we immediately hit up a few thrift shops.  You see…I intentionally packed quite light.

Douglas doesn’t want me to go!

The only change of clothes I had was a little black dress.  So, unless I wanted to look like a bedraggled Audrey Hepburn all weekend, I needed to get some not-so-new duds!

I found a couple of terrific frocks at !

I wonder what treasures await! :)

Then, Dan and I stumbled upon the BIGGEST thrift store I’ve ever seen!


Apparently everything really IS bigger in Texas, as this place is flippin’ HUGE!!!!

Never Never Ever Buy New!!!

While I was looking through the endless racks,  Dan ran up to me with this!

It’s a Purseranian! ;)

We made a friendly wager.  If this pic could get 10 likes on , I would invest the $3 for this fine creature.

He won.  :/


We got back to our , where I washed and dried the day’s finds!

Old-fashioned dryer!

I thought that zebra number on the left would be just the thing for a dinner with friends in the 100+degree heat!

It’s seriously 105 degrees out there, y’all!

I couldn’t resist taking a second “before” pic with our hosts’ chickens in the background.  :)

Aren’t they cute?

I retreated from heat to the comfort of our air-conditioned room and got to work!

First, I pinned that collar down on the inside.  I didn’t want to completely get rid of it, as I think I might occasionally like it (just not tonight).  :)

I brought safety pins!

Then, I made a few chops!

It’s just too darn hot for any of that!

I added a hem to the bottom of my new dress.

I brought a mini pin cushion!

I stitched my new hem down…

I brought a mini sewing machine!

…then pinned those cut-off sleeves and sewed ’em up!

Taking up those sleeve holes! 

Now…I always tell you guys to press your hems, but there I was…stuck without an iron!  :/

…Or was I?

I’m sure my hostess won’t mind!

It worked just fine!  :)

I’m the MacGyver of Refashioning!

I turned that bottom scrap into a sash, and was ready for fun evening in this terrific city!

Not bad for an on-the-road rehash, eh? :)

Of course, Dan talked me into bringing my new accessory with me.  ;)

She got a refashion of her own! :)
We named her Ladybird!
Natalia <3s Ladybird too!

If you’re ever in Austin, I can’t recommend enough!  They have delicious cocktails and fabulous food!

Soooo much yum in front of me on that table! *sigh*

Stay tuned for MORE Austin adventures!  :)


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