Krystal’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Jani's ReFashion Show Creation!
Jamey's ReFashion Show Creation!

Krystal is yet another of my fabulous friends who was awesome enough to model for my show.   We go waaaay back to the days when we worked together at Starbucks!

I love this dress with its butterfly collar. it only cost me one little dollar! :)

I ripped out that HUGE collar, restitched the neckline, gave it a V, ripped off the sleeves, restitched the arm holes, took the whole thing in a bit, raised the hem and gave her new dress a sash!

Awkward Lighting. Lovely lady! :)

I like the pale blue and pastel tone of this dress with Krystal’s blonde hair.  :)  Aren’t I lucky to be friends with all of these supermodels?  :)

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