Erin’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Jamey's ReFashion Show Creation!
Meghan's ReFashion Show Creation!

Besides being an amazing friend, Erin is also a phenomenally good sport!  When I asked her to toss on this dress for her refashion for , she didn’t even flinch!

But she doesn’t look completely thrilled, either.

This dress is incredibly 80s, BUT I loved that funky triangle cut-out thing across the chest.  Also, being 100% cotton is a total for dealing with the SC heat!

To get this dress nice & modernized, I ripped out the shoulder pads and dyed it to a darker hue.  Then, I took the whole thing in and raised the hem.  For my final trick, I cut a bit of length off the sleeves and sewed them into cuffs.

I think Erin can wear this dress in public grimace-free now!  :)

A fab refash for a fab friend! :)

Okay!  I can’t take it anymore!  I want to share my refashions from my recent trip to Austin, TX (just got back today!), so be on the lookout for a BUNCH of posts tomorrow from my ReFashion Show, so I can get to sharing all my out-of-state adventures!  :)


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