Mary’s ReFashion Show Creation!

Meghan's ReFashion Show Creation!
Heather's ReFashion Show Creation!

Mary looks like an overgrown toddler in this strangely-collard frock!

Don’t let that smile fool ya…she’s not impressed!

It took a good bit of convincing to coerce this Clemson fan into donning Gamecock Garnet, but she proved herself to be a true friend!  ;)

To make this refashion happen, I ripped off that collar and restitched the original neckline back into place.  Then, I lopped off a bit from the bottom as well as the sleeves.  The bottom scrap became a sash, and the dress got a nifty vintage brooch!

Now that dress is all grown up!

Go Gamecocks! ;) Sorry…couldn’t resist!

After the show, Mary and Heather ended up switching frocks to align with their alma maters, which was totally fine.  :)

Mary rocked this frock on the runway!  How lucky am I to have such amazing friends in my life who are willing to put aside the time to help me with a big, scary fashion show?  :)

Quite lucky.

Cheers!  :)

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9 thoughts on “Mary’s ReFashion Show Creation!

  1. Hmmm … yes, that really is a strange collar, isn’t it? I can’t remember ever seeing something like that before!

    Good makeover – sometimes it’s only the smaller changes that are needed to update a piece of clothing.

  2. Please stop removing collars and laces from these vintage clothes. I fell like… hurt !
    I like some of your refashioning works but I had to tell you this…

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