Sheri’s Reader ReFash!

And The Winner Is...
A No-Sew Aquatic Muumuu Dress

I don’t usually feature kids on this blog, and I don’t plan on making a thing of it.  ;) I try to keep this blog focused on grownups refashioning for grownups.

But how could I resist sharing a refashion with this adorable tyke?  :)

Think of the children!

I loved this dress that was second handed to me… But it didn’t fit… Luckily… I have a mini-me!

Seriously.  Look at that cute kid!  I don’t like the vast majority of children (I just assume they’re up to no good!), but this one seems pretty awesome just judging by her mugging skills.  :)

And look at the awesome job Sheri did in refashing this dress for her daughter!

That does it. I’m stealing this cutie and refashioning a fabulous wardrobe for her! :D

Well done Sheri!  And well done Sheri’s Mini-me!  :)


Oh!  And don’t forget to enter the Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!  The winner will be announced tomorrow!  Good luck! :)

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