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Hey!  Do you remember that time I refashioned this muumuu…

Remember me?

…into this no-sew dress?

You DO at least remember my lurker friend in the background, right?

If you don’t remember, it’s okay.  You can revisit it right here.  Although it was just last week, so you really should have a slightly better memory.  ;)

So…now what?  I told you I planned on a re-refashion of this one, and now you get to see it!

To get started, I picked off those sleeves with my seam ripper.


I couldn’t very well leave those raw edges as-is, so I pinned them under, then stitched ’em up!


I knew I needed to resize this one, so on my dress form it went!

Heh…Seems alright.

And THIS is when I did something stupid.  I pinned one side and guesstimated that the same amount would come off the other side by just gathering and holding the fabric, rather than pinning the opposite side as well.  My reason for this was that I didn’t want to have to take the time to unpin the opposite side to get the dress off my form and then repin it again.  Lazy. Lazy. Lazy!

I pinned both sides, assuming my dumb guesstimation was correct.

Hey buddy…doncha think you’re taking in a bit much there?

Then, I stitched up both sides like a total moron. :/

Gee, Jillian. Does that really look right to you?

After cutting off the excess material, I tried my dress on.  And it wouldn’t even fit over my hips!  And all because I didn’t measure properly.  :(  Lesson learned!

Undaunted, I decided to just make this dress a top instead!

LOL…What was I thinking?

I added a hem to that bottom edge…

The final Whirrrrr!

After a quick press, I was all done!  :)

It’s not a dress, but tops are okay too!

My mistake ended up working in my favor, as I ended up spending my day at a friend’s hop farm in the middle of nowhere!

Just follow the dirt road…
Are we there yet?
Partners in crime!
Oh deer.

Before this trip, I had no idea how hops actually grew…BEHOLD!  :)

Lots ‘n lots of hops!
Up close & personal!

I even helped out by picking a few!

It’s dangerous work, folks!
My lovely lady hops…Check ’em out!

Of course, I wasn’t alone in my hop harvesting adventure!  :)

Happy Hop Harvesters!
A lovely day for a picnic!  :)

So…what did we DO with all of those hops?

Why…we made beer!  :D

This is a beer making thing!
Brew, baby, brew!
The hops are in that white pipe thingy!

As the sky darkened, it was time to head home…

Ah! Just another evening on the farm!
Such a lovely farm!

So far I’ve managed to get two refashions out of this $1 muumuu!  I wonder what I can make with that bottom scrap?  :)


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Don’t you want me baby?  Don’t you want me Oh-oh-oh-oh!  ;)
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