From Muumuu to Wrap Dress

Wannabe Wednesday: Tarjay Edition
Andrea's Reader ReFash!

I take back everything I’ve ever said about enjoying summer, or wanting winter to end, or being tired of wearing jackets.  Every year, I think I love summer, as long as it isn’t actually summer at the time.  Every year I’m wrong.  I’m not sure if it’s the bugs, the yard work in 90+ degree heat, the effect of humidity on my hair, being constantly red & sweaty, or the elevated electricity bill – but I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

When I was invited to a goat roast (Why do people want to do things outside right now?!?), I reluctantly accepted.  I knew that no matter what I wore, I was going to swelter and marinate in my own sweat, so I went with the lightest and most comfy item on my refashion rack.

Welcome to my muumuu!

It’s hard to see in the photo, but this muumuu was bit faded.  I tossed it in a dye bath with a mixture of these guys…hoping for a darker, more muted color.

Should work, right?

I couldn’t find a tag to tell me the fabric content of this piece, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it was 100% cotton (so the dye would really soak it!).

It’s not looking too good. :/

See how the dress doesn’t seem to be picking up much of the dye?  Yeah…that’s because it didn’t.  Sadness.  :(

I have multiple plans for this frock, but for today, I went with a no-sew refashion!

I took the sleeves and twisted them towards the front of me, like so:


I tied the sleeves together near my left side and tucked them in.  Then I pulled the fabric around my waist and pinned it to make it more fitted.


I grabbed one of my favorite brooches that used to belong to my grandmother and used it to hide the pin/give my frock a bit of something special!

Isn’t it wonderful?

And just like that, I was ready to roast with a goat!  :)

Jamie apparently approves!

I like the Caribbean look of my new dress, and it seems pretty fitting for the occasion!  :)

It’s like ‘Lord of the Flies’, but with crazy grownups! :)


A most speartastic Supper Club!
We take our goat verrrrry seriously.

Like I said, I have other pro-sew plans for this frock as well.  I think I can get at least a couple of fun summer pieces out of it!  :)




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