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Hello all!  I haven’t posted in awhile, now have I?  What’s up with that?  What’s going on? It’s almost like I was dragged into the woods for days on end without any way to communicate with the outside world!

And that’s exactly where I’ve been!


When Dan first suggested that I go to a local burn with him, I was squeamish.  I had never camped before, and the idea had absolutely no appeal to me.  I like showers, air conditioners, hair dryers, and my espresso machine.  Plus, I have a blog to write!  I can’t just step off the face of the earth to gallivant with a bunch of hippies in the woods!

The more Dan talked to me about , the more I felt I needed to go.  This section of their website sealed the deal:

Transformus is an outdoor camping experience like no other. There are no vendors. There are no overpriced meals being slung, nor will you find kegs selling watered-down beer. The artists are not trying to sell their CD’s or get their names out into the business world; in fact, they’re probably not even using their real names. You will find no business cards being exchanged, yet there is plenty of business going on. The rangers, technicians, and service providers are working tirelessly, yet they have smiles on their faces the whole time; even though they aren’t being paid a dime for their services.

What you will find instead is a wild world of self-expression: music, art, parades, games, amazing performances, gatherings, meals, shows and magic. Where creativity runs wild to produce experiences that are seen nowhere else in the default world. Where one can be mystified, shocked, astounded, exhausted, exhilarated, and yet feel completely safe. Where total strangers are best friends.

I’d been feeling burned out and tired.  I felt I had lost my mojo.  This blog didn’t excite me any more and I didn’t want to make any more clothes.  What used to be a labor of love had become a list of things to worry about.  Generate content.  Check analytics.  Marketing.  Try to get around to answering all those emails from really nice people who deserve a response, dammit.  Check analytics again.  Check analytics again.  Research how to build traffic.  Check analytics again.  And when you’re not sick of all that, sew…and hope other people like it.  Make it grow.  Make it grow faster.

I didn’t refashion anything for this trip, friends.  I packed up some fun thrifted threads and headed to the mountains…and in a few short days, I felt my old desires and motivations coming back.  Seeing the creativity, beauty, and surprises of so many others brought me back to my old self.

Here are a few pics.  There aren’t many.  But you can get the idea.  :)

$1 thrifted Thai Fisherman Pants!
First day at camp! :)


A human puppet!?!
Brad and Dan enjoy the splendor of the Alien Pyramid!
Bagels, anyone?
Ice Moon : A 75 pound sphere of ice


No really. Look at it.
It’s beaaaauuutiful!


$1 thrifted sequined top & Dan’s pants which I sneakily took in to fit me! ;)
Can you spot the flame-throwing tuba in this pic?
Nom! Pork for whoever wants it!
Camping is exhausting!


Last day of camp! :(
Wait…what is this?


I wonder what they’re up to?
You can’t have a burn without fire!


Everything wonderful must come to an end.

Apparently all I needed was a dose of dancing, art, music, food, camaraderie, creativity, nature, beauty, and friendship to get out of my rut.  :)  Oh…and please don’t be concerned when I’m totally unreachable for a few days this time next year.


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