Spa Day Dress

A Totally Tubular Dress
Ruth's Reader ReFash!

I’m about to go on a most strange and interesting camping trip (Mystery is exciting!)!  In preparation for traipsing about the woods in sandals, I decided to get a pedicure!

Before I hopped off to the spa, I needed something cute to wear.  I went with this stripey polyester number!

Ties galore!

It’s hot outside and I’m lazy, so this is going to be another no-sew (don’t worry…I have some actual sewing in store later this week!).  I pulled my arms through the neck hole of the dress.  Then, I tucked the sleeves inside and pinned them together right under my boobal region.

Yes, “boobal” is a proper medical term.

I grabbed the neck tie thingies…


…and tied them around the back of my neck to make a halter!  After tying the original sash around my waist, I was prepared to be pampered!

Ta Da!

The back turned out alright, too!  I just tucked in the part that wouldn’t zip up.

Not too shabs!

I love this color, and this is definitely one of my favorite no-sews to date!


BUT THEN on my way out the door for my pedi, I ended up getting an unexpected mud bath!  :(

Douglas mocks my clumsiness. :/

I washed off the mud (It’s good for the skin, right?), and proceeded to get a more conventional spa treatment!  :)

Painted toenails aren’t just for women, you know! ;)

I even got to catch up on my reading!


All in all, twas a fun day.  :)

Just be mindful of the mud, y’all!


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