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Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition

I am on a cider kick, my friend!  :)  Most of my beer snob pals turn up their noses at me as I blissfully sip what they call “apple juice”, but I just don’t care!  Hard Cider is so incredibly tasty, refreshing, and my new favorite summer beverage!

When a friend texted me, telling me (a nearby cidery) was being featured at , I wanted to dash out the door right away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to wear!  :/  I needed a super-fast refash, STAT!

I chose this summery polyester dress for the evening:

I’m attempting a “Glamor Shots” pose here. It’s not really working out…

Check out the neck ties on this one!

Why would anyone tie these together???

I grabbed a small pair of scissors and got to snipping!

Snipping off those sleeves and that collar!
Farewell, oh Puffy One! :)
No, Douglas! NO!
Can’t forget these!

I took the snipped-off neck tie thingies and used them to cinch the top of each shoulder, like so:


And that’s it!  A quick No-Sew dress is born!

Easiest Sundress Ever!

Most of the ciders were, of course, amazing!

This is Cider Night and feelin’s right!
Just chillin in the background…
Fancy a flight?


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