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I am on a cider kick, my friend!  :)  Most of my beer snob pals turn up their noses at me as I blissfully sip what they call “apple juice”, but I just don’t care!  Hard Cider is so incredibly tasty, refreshing, and my new favorite summer beverage!

When a friend texted me, telling me (a nearby cidery) was being featured at , I wanted to dash out the door right away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to wear!  :/  I needed a super-fast refash, STAT!

I chose this summery polyester dress for the evening:

I’m attempting a “Glamor Shots” pose here. It’s not really working out…

Check out the neck ties on this one!

Why would anyone tie these together???

I grabbed a small pair of scissors and got to snipping!

Snipping off those sleeves and that collar!
Farewell, oh Puffy One! :)
No, Douglas! NO!
Can’t forget these!

I took the snipped-off neck tie thingies and used them to cinch the top of each shoulder, like so:


And that’s it!  A quick No-Sew dress is born!

Easiest Sundress Ever!

Most of the ciders were, of course, amazing!

This is Cider Night and feelin’s right!
Just chillin in the background…
Fancy a flight?


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28 thoughts on “Windy Hill Dress

  1. It’s shocking how removing the sleeves changed that dress. I thought it looked a wee bit Golden Girls in the before, but after you removed the sleeves it looked light and summery and modern. The print doesn’t even look matronly once that changed. I love the no sew refrashes!


  2. What a cute little dress!! It suits you really well too!

    I’m on vacation now for a week and ill finally have some after shots of my refashions!!

    Check out my blog as I have added you to my inspirations and linked your website :)

    Also click on my name for my Facebook page!!

  3. Brilliant! Tell you pals to stop trying to make beer like wine! I’m a home brewer and still LOVE hard cider — especially on a hot day!

  4. I feel you, other than the re-fash, ciders are my drink of choice-all of my friends make fun of me! they are soooo delicious and refreshing!

    1. And she’s so down-to-earth! It’s amazing how she makes time for us and her second husband *shhhhh!* her in SC! ;)

  5. Jillian!!!! If you have a chance, try Rekorderlig cider. Not sure if you can get it in the states, though. But hunt it down, SO worth it. (Strawberry lime one is especially good! So worth it I brought one back to Canada from frickin England just so my sister could have it one more time!).

  6. That dress is so adorable! You did such a good job!

    Also, hard cider is THE BEST. The absolute best. My favorite for summer is Woodchuck Pear. Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t always get to try out new kinds!


  7. Well you haven’t tasted good cider until you go to Canada! They have the BEST cider in the world there – and every flavor you can imagine…nectarine, peach, pear, several kinds of apple, black raspberry, and on and on – Grower’s Cider is the very best but is only found in Canada! I just had an Angry Orchard apple cider in FL the other night and it was pretty good though, just not the same as the Canadian version by any stretch.

  8. Love me some Hard Cider — Wicked Orchard is really good. Cute refash — I’m always amazed at how you can just wack into these clothes with a pair of scissors and end up with the cutest things….Amazeballs!

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