Caeley’s Reader ReFash!

A Sunburnt Strapless Dress
Ashley's Reader ReFash!

One of my deepest regrets was not learning how to sew when I was younger.  When I think of all the awesome creations I could have made, the money I could have saved, and the fun I could have had, I get a little down.  :/

But lately, I’ve been reading :

It’s an amazing read!

…and thinking about this quote:

For some reason, this speaks to me.  It makes me feel not so bad about waiting so to learn how to do something I enjoy more than anything else in the world.  :)

But then there’s girls like Caeley!

Meh…it’s not bad but…

Caeley is 12, and a budding refashionista!  She began began going through her closet to see what she could refashion (So jealous I wasn’t doing this at her age!  Gah!)

To get started, she marked the length of her old sweater to where she’d like the new one to fall.

Duly noted!

Then, she snipped off those neck tie thingies!


She pinned and stitched up the front opening…

Like ya do!

After a quick chop, a new hem, and turnaround so the front seam was in the back, Caeley’s new sweater was complete!  :)


Check it out!


She even included a pic of her holding a drink!  She’s clearly a girl after my own heart!  :)

Refashionistas are thirsty creatures!

Awesome job Caeley!  You rock!  :)

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