No-Sew Dilophosaurus Top

Wannabe Wednesday: Soft Joie Edition
Lena Dunham-Inspired Romper

Save me!  I’m drowning in layers!!!!!

Layer 1. Layer 2. Layer 3.

I had a great idea of what to do with the top layer…

Didja happen to see Jurassic Park? :)

…but I don’t really have any enemies to kill with my poisonous squirting saliva.  :/

I opted for a safer, no-sew solution!

I chopped off the bottom layer.

Just a simple chop!

Don’t worry!  I saved that bottom scrap!  I plan on using it in the near future.  :)

I turned my new top around backwards so the zipper was facing the front to give me a bit more breathing room, tossed on a belt to cinch the waist, and was ready for a fabulous farewell party!

This was toooo easy!

My top was flowy and comfy as can be.  Methinks it’ll be in heavy rotation this summer.  :)

Nice face, bro.
Fare thee well, Randy! I barely knew ye!
Geez…I’m short!

Now…aren’t you glad I didn’t go this route?

Sorry, Newman! :/


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