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Q:  You do a lot of your custom fitting with a dress form!  What kind do you use?  How can I get one if I’m strapped for cash?

A:  That’s right!  If you look through my earlier stuff, you’ll see how I took things in without a form, but I MUCH prefer refashioning with one.  It’s just way easier to do when you have a silent clone of yourself (actually, it sounds a bit creepy when I put it that way)!

I went ahead and spent a little over $100 on .

Ooooooh!  Adjustable!
Ooooooh! Adjustable!

I went with an adjustable model because I knew I wanted to start costuming a few shows around town, and being able to set it to any cast member’s specific measurements was a huuuuge help!

But you can go a cheaper/more DIY route, too!!!!

You could make a dress form out of polyurethane foam like :

Not adjustable, but not too shabby!
Not adjustable, but not too shabby!

I also like on how to make one out of duct tape from !

The "during"
The “during”
The "after"!  :)
The “after”! :)

Johanna at can show you , as well!

I actually the the punk look of her "during" photo!  :)
I actually like the punk look of her “during” photo! :)
Nicely Done!  :)
Nicely Done! :)

Having a dress form can really take your refashions to the next level!  Sooooo…go get you (or make you) one!  :)


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