Q&A Monday: 5 Tips for Newbie Bloggers

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Q: I like your blog, and it seems to have a good following.  I just started a blog of my own.  How can I make it a success?

When people ask how to have a successful blog, it’s hard to know what to tell them. I’ve been blogging at SlipsKnute.net for a looooong time and it has only VERY recently gained traction. Here’s a few things that I think I’ve done right.

1. I’ve got a gimmick. My blog is  very focused on a very specific thing. (refashioning and eco fashion).

2. I try to have a clear writing voice and I don’t try to dumb myself down or write like another successful blogger. In the beginning I tried to be way too “cutesy” and it didn’t work, because it wasn’t me. Just trust that you’re as clever as you think you are. I hate reading blogs where the person’s humor is really try-hard.

3. I edit. Poor spelling and grammar can really turn your readers off (unless it’s intentional and/or funny). Their There They’re and all that jazz.

4. I TRY to use good photos. This is a toughie and a major learning curve for me (and something I’m still working on). Get a good camera. Don’t be like me and use the same craptastic one for ages and ages. Edit your pics. There’s an awesome free photo editing site called , and that’s what I use.

5. I have fun! I genuinely LOVE what I’m writing about.   :)

I hope these tips are helpful for you newbie bloggers out there.

Happy Blogging!

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