Wannabe Wednesday: Procrastination Edition

ReFashion Show at SHE Columbia!
SlipsKnute at SHE Columbia!

Yeah!  Wannabe Wednesday!



I’m one tired SlipsKnute, my friends!  My life is a series of endless fittings, dyeing, and stitchery!  I really want my first ever to be something special!

But I still need to keep myself clothed as well!  This week’s inspiration piece comes from .

The dress will cost you $140...but the daffy expression on her face is truly priceless.
The dress will cost you $140…but the daffy expression on her face is truly priceless.

I’m clearly in no position to judge the daft look on that model’s face:

Seriously.  This is what I look like at 6am.  :/
I’ve seen better mug shots. :/

Anywho…this was a super-quick one, friends.

All I needed was a little chop!

Just a lil chop!
Just a lil chop!

The bottom scrap became a sash to get my waist all nice & cinched! Now I have a new dress to wear while making a BUNCH of other new dresses!

Can you tell it's windy outside?
Can you tell it’s windy outside?
Can you tell my buddy Alex is wearing a hat?  :)
Can you tell my buddy Alex is wearing a hat? :)

I did get a good bit of work done, but then I got hungry.  It was around 2:30 when my buddy Alex and I planned on meeting for lunch.  Then I got a speeding ticket (my first in 4 years!  Ugh!)  Then the restaurant we met at had already closed its kitchen.  Then we went to the (which used to be my first apartment!) and everything really went downhill.  Their kitchen had closed as well and I was pretty bummed about getting a speeding ticket…so we had a pint.  Then an eccentric former CIA agent (or so he said…I doubt they’re supposed to tell people that) paid for them.

So we had another pint (we wanted to support this small business).

Numero Dos.
Numero Dos.

Then we were offered samples of this tasty goodness:

Tastes like cotton candy!
Tastes like cotton candy!

The lovely bartendress told me she reads my blog!  :)


Will I manage to stay out of cute neighborhood pubs for the rest of this week?

Will I get everything done in time for the big show?

Stay tuned!  :)

Original Cost: $140

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $139!!!

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26 thoughts on “Wannabe Wednesday: Procrastination Edition

  1. I’ve been looking to try Sweet Revenge. I thought it was strawberry lemon flavored. Now that I know it’s more like cotton candy, I’ll pass. Thanks! BTW cute dress :) Will we get to see photos from your fashion show? Good luck!

  2. I think the daffy look on that model may have been because they didn’t brush her hair and made her wear those ugly 70’s looking hushpuppy shoes. Can’t see your shoes on this one, but I’ll bet you wore those great boots you thrifted recently. Your wannabe outfit wins by leaps and bounds! Wishing you much success for your “Re”Fashion show — post pics so we can see too!

  3. Of course, I LOVE IT! And I love the new blog ideas. I’m very excited for you with all of your recent accomplishments and opportunities. You rock sista’!

  4. Awesome refashion. I wish you everything of the best with the Fashion Show. I’m holding thumbs from all the way over here.


  5. You are a hoot! I love your blog and I love your facial expressions! You crack me up every time I visit here. Keep up the GREAT work!!!xoxo

  6. Just found your blog today and am so hooked! I have been reading for an hour! Love your work and love your mission. You are cute as a button and show that true fashion is unique to each individual and not cookie cutter!

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