Wannabe Th-uh…Wednesday! Really!

Rachael's Frocktober Refash!
Q&A Monday: What NOT to Thrift

Hi!  It’s Wannabe Wednesday…trust me.  It just is, okay?  :)

I’ve been covetingfrom Urban Outfitters:

That'll be $98.
That’ll be $98.

Ain’t it rad?  The print is great, it looks uber-comfy, the knots are nifty, and I want one for spring!  :)

Buuuuut…98 bucks could buy a LOT of wine (priorities!), so I’d rather make a quick copycat from a $1 thrift like this:

This is what I look like in the morning.
This is why I don’t get any fan mail from the fellas. :/

The print isn’t even close to the original, but the idea is the same.  They’re both sort of a funky “tribal” look, so it’s close enough for my purposes.

This refashion is a no-sew!  All I had to do was make one big cut.


I left the bottom edge raw, but I didn’t want it to go fray-crazy, so I applied this to the edge:

Keeps that fraying in check!
Keeps that fraying in check!

After the fray-check dried, I made a couple of knots…

Knot a problem!
Knot a problem!

And just like that, my copycat is complete! :)

...and I'm not even showing sideboob like in the original!  :)
…and I’m not even showing sideboob like in the original! :)

Of course, it’s still a bit chilly out, so I had to winterize it a bit!

Cozy cardi!
Cozy cardi!

I wore my new dress out for a couple of drinks with friends…

Mmmmnnn...Blue Moon!
Mmmmnnn…Blue Moon!
Artsy Shot!
Artsy Shot!


Original Cost:  $98

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $97

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