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Festival of Trees Gala Dress

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  :)  I hope everyone got to spend this special day with the people they love!  In years past, I’ve always joined either my fam or someone else’s fam for  Turkey Day.  It really is the way to go- all you have to do is bring one side dish, nom on tasty food, and leave.  No stress or cleanup required!  :)

But this year, I decided to try my hand at cooking my first Thanksgiving Dinner!  :)  Before I got to work, I needed something cute & casual to wear for the day.  I went with this faux jacketed dress.


I hate dresses with sewn-on attachments.  It’s as if they think women can’t be trusted to do their own layering!  Sheesh!

I figured this dress wasn’t THAT bad, so I got to cooking, thinking I would just wear it as-is.

It should be fine, right?

JUST KIDDING!  :D  There was NO way I was going to let my guests see me looking like this!  I loved the jacket part of this dress though- with its funky print and fully functional brass frogs.  :)

To get started, I ripped out those shoulder pads.


Then, I cut the top part of the dress that had the jacket sewn on away from the bottom part.

Don’t worry! I’m saving the bottom scrap! :)

The front of the jacket was sewn down the middle, so I couldn’t actually use it as a jacket yet.  I grabbed my seam ripper and got rid of the stitching.


This didn’t leave any raw edges, as the seams for the front of the faux jacket were still intact.  :)

I made a little snip at the neckline to get the whole thing opened up.

C’mon! Open up to me! :)

This did leave raw edges, so I sewed them down.  :)

Just a little whirrrrrrr!

Almost done!  When I cut the bottom of the dress from the top of the dress, I had to cut right through the zipper.  I didn’t want to risk this coming open (as there would be no way for me to zip it back up again, so I stitched it down at the bottom.

Stitching over a plastic zipper is no big dealio! :)

And that’s it!  With just those few little changes, my new jacket was ready to help me in the kitchen!  :)

Say Cheese! :)

I’ve gotta admit, making such a big dinner was no joke!  Thankfully, I had a couple of swell helpers!  :)

Either my fella’s son is growing, or I’m shrinking. :P

I multi-tasked like a boss…

Hmmmn…looks good! :)

…and made sure to take plenty of wine breaks!

Gotta pace yourself! ;)

I’m really happy with how my dinner turned out!  I bought pretty much everything from so even though I made quite a feast, I still didn’t end up paying that much.  :)  I even bought a couple of bunches of flowers for about $4, and made awesome fall flower arrangements with old vases and stuff from my yard!  :)  Instead of making a big ol’  turkey, I decided to make some tasty cornish hens!

Cluck Cluck! :)

It really was quite a spread!  :)

Hmmmnn…wonder what it looks like under there…




Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? :)
But wait…there’s more! :)


Even more tasty nommage! :)
Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! :)

I managed to get everything ready just in time for my guests!  :)

So thankful to have such awesome pals! :)

Cheers!  :)

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