Back to the Orchard Dress

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Walk on the Wilde Side Dress
DIY High/Low Tee

After living in the south for a while, you get used to quirky season changes.  Of course, it’s fall, but with temps in the mid to upper 80’s on random days, you’d never know it.

Enter this extremely summer-y dress:

Why hello there, Strawberry Shortcake! :/

So what can I do?  I want something autumn-y for a day spent at an apple orchard and wineries in NC.

I made a dye bath in my washing machine with a bunch o’ this:

A whole bunch o’ this!

…and just a little of this:

…and just a dab o’ this!

And look what we have now!  :)

A perfect Fall hue!

Now my dress is perfect for a super-warm, but still fall day with wonderful friends!  :)

Pre-Apple Picking Coffee time! :)
Ready to pick some apples! :)
Forget Jack and Jill…It’s Jonny and Jill! :)
Welcome to Sky Top! :)
Mmmmnnn…Wine! :)

Just a perfect day with wonderful friends in a fabulous frock!  Who could ask for more?


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