Shark Tank Skirt

Jersey Tank from Old Tees!
Jersey Dress from Old Tees!

When a friend gave me this boring sweater tank, I held on to it for a while.  “Meh…it’ll be okay for work.” (transl. :  “This is really boring!”), I thought.  Of course, I really don’t dress like a proper grownup at work, so this boring tank went completely unworn.  :/


I recently scored a sweet sequined tank that didn’t work with anything in my wardrobe, so I decided to turn this tank into a cute miniskirt to pair it with!  :)

First, I made a big chop, with the help of Mr. Spock!

I couldn’t have done it without him! :)

Then, I pinned that top raw edge under twice…

Pin it!

and stitched it down, leaving a small gap at the end.


I took a length of elastic and threaded it through the gap into the casing.

This little doohicky is called a bodkin, and it pretty much rocks. :)

Then, I stitched it together!

Almost done!

And that’s all it takes to make a quick & cute miniskirt from an unwanted tank top!  :)

And it looks swell with my sparkly top! :)

You can’t really tell what to top of my skirt looks like with that long sparkly tank over it, so here’s a closer look!

It’s just a simple elastic waist, y’all! :)

I wore my cute new skirt to a fun party with friends.  For some reason we all piled into the bathroom (what???) to snap a pic! :)

I mean it is a rather large bathroom…

Such a fun time!  :)

Just chillin’ by the AC unit…like ya do!



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