Jasper Fancies Me!

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Rally for the Arts!
The Final Explosion Dress

Anyone who lives in South Carolina is well-acquainted with a bitter rivalry between these guys:

Why can’t we be friends?

The Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers pretty much hate each other.  I, personally, care nothing for sports or rivalries — But I knew I might be putting my life in danger if I stepped out of the house wearing this in Carolina Country!  :/

Orange you glad I value my personal safety? :)

I learned my lesson back in 2000, when I showed up for Freshman Orientation at USC.  I had done absolutely NO research when choosing a college.  My family moved to Greenville, so I decided to a school that was close but not too close to them.  I had no clue about the whole Carolina/Clemson hatefest, hence why I showed up wearing a bright orange thrifted little league tee with “Tigers” written across the front.

I didn’t make many friends that day.  :(

Okay…back to the dress at hand!  It’s too big, and WAY too orange!

Luckily, I know how to take care of both of these issues!

First, I tossed my dress into a dye bath with a completely different color!

Navy! Ahoy!

I was guessing that the blue and orange when mixed would make purple….

Will everything go as planned? :)

Check it out!  the outside was transformed into a lovely purple hue, leaving only the lining in its original orange state.  I think it looks pretty nifty!

Nobody else will even see the orange! ;)

They dyeing/drying process made the skirt of my new dress shrink up a little, revealing that orange lining.  Not a big deal!  I just snipped the lining a bit, and gave it a new hem!


Alright, so the skirt is fixed, the color is fabu, but the top is still too big!  As this dress has boning that I really don’t want to get rid of in the sides, I folded the sides over, pinned them, then stitched them down right-side-out.


My sewing machine couldn’t get all the way to the edge of the boning, so I hand-stitched it down (otherwise, I’d look like I was sprouting fins!).  :)

Stitchy Stitchy! :)

After a quick press, my pretty purple frock was ready to go!

I seriously could not walk in those shoes! :/

I headed off to Conundrum Music Hall for the release party of the latest issue of Jasper Magazine!  :)

Year 1, Issue #6!

…and will ya take a gander at this????

That’s right! :)

I’m in their “Jasper Fancies” column!!!!  :)

That’s me! :)

Thanks so much to Jasper for putting me in your sweet mag!  :)

So happy to be fancied! :)
Party People! :)
We fancy Jasper! :)

Cheers!  :)

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