The Final Explosion Dress

Jasper Fancies Me!
A Shirr Bet Pillowcase Dress / Save the Arts in SC!

This was a bittersweet night, folks.  Tonight marked the end of .  :(  Yes…there are other Karaokes out there, but as any Karaoke enthusiast knows, all Karaokes are not created equal.  Followers of this blog have seen all sorts of wacky Wednesday night photos, such as this:

Yes.  This is a thing that happened.

You can see more of such awesomeness .  :)

Sad though I was, I knew I needed to overcome my unemployment blues and make it out to support Mr. B and the best Karaoke Night in Columbia.  I chose to wear this sexy numba:

No…the word “sexy” has not been redefined recently!

You’re looking at a simple button-down skirt in a lovely floral print.  I left the top button buttoned, and unbuttoned the three buttons below it.  After sticking my arm through the hole and tossing on a belt, I have a lovely little frock!  No sewing required!  :)

Easy as can be!
Button-down skirts make perfect sundresses!

I had a blast in my new dress with my wonderful Karaoke pals.  :)

Even Santa showed up!
Hi there, Mr. Scary! :)
What the What?!?!!!
So many fun people I’ve met through Karaoke Night!
Floral Patterns Unite! :)


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