A Few Cool Things!

A Shirr Bet Pillowcase Dress / Save the Arts in SC!
Day 366: The End? Dress

Ahhhhhhh!  How goes it, friends?  I’m taking a week off from work/refashioning/doing anything responsible whatsoever, but felt the need to let you guys know about a few Reallllllly cool things that are coming up!  :)

First off, remember when I went to New York back in February?  Did any of you wonder why I did that (or why I was wearing false eyelashes in my after pics)?  Well…I was filmed on an epidsode of , which is being aired Thursday, July 5!!!!!  Check your local listings, folks!  You can see a snippet of my segment right !  :)

We’re totally BFFs now! So why doesn’t she take my calls…and why the restraining order, Rach? I mean geez…you steal ONE risotto pan…:)

That’s not all!  Revente’s Last Call is hosting a fun on July 5th!  If you live in the Columbia, SC area, you should come by and check out the show, as well as some sweet second-hand deals!  I promise to make an appearance (especially if they have wine). :)

In other cool news, I’m also a theatre reviewer for now!  I’m pretty darn stoked about it!   They say everyone’s a critic, and now I am that thing!  :)

Ok.  Back to my week of boozing and sleeping.   It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it!  ;)


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