Day 361: The Right to Bare Arms…er…Arm Dress

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Day 362: Mairi Shrug
Day 360: Spearmint Dress

Some days I honestly just don’t want to bother.

Refashion, Schmeschmashion!

But I must soldier on!  I’m so verrrrry close to the end of my 365 Day project!!!!

The print on today’s dress is lovely, but the cut and the size aren’t quite doing it for me.  I wasn’t in a sewing mood, so I started playing with my new dress, and pinned it in a couple of places.

Pinned again!

Okay…so the above pics are slightly less than informative, so let me explain what I did here.  I took one of the sleeves and pinned it inside the dress to my opposite shoulder.  Then I pinned it again right near my armpit (from the inside again) to make the top nice & fitted.

Now I have a lovely shoulder-baring dress for a fun evening with friends!  :)

I have the right to bare arms…er…arm! ;)
She drinks a cider drink…:)

Cheers!  :)

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