Day 358: Anita Dress

Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress
Day 357: Grown Up Enough Top

Today’s dress comes all the way from Saudi Arabia!  Anita bought it from a second-hand bazaar with the intention of refashioning it for herself, and then decided that those ruffles just weren’t for her.

Ruffles Galore! :)

I was actually pretty stoked about this one, folks!  I love the ruffles and that bright red hue! :)

This dress still needed a bit of work though.  First, I trimmed off those sleeves.


Then, I pinned each side to get it more fitted.

Shaping up!

I ran each side through my machine.


I used one of the leftover scraps from the sides as a sash to break up the lines of the ruffles a bit.

And I must say…I love it!  :)

Lady in Red!
I heart these ruffles! :)

Cheers!  And Much Thanks to Anita for sending me this fabu frock!  :)

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