Day 357: Grown Up Enough Top

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Day 358: Anita Dress
Day 356: Almost an Evening Dress

I almost didn’t want to bother with today’s piece.


It might not look so bad at first glance, but look a bit closer.  First off, this dress is pretty unflattering on me, as I’m bigger on the bottom than I am up top.  It just doesn’t do anything for me.  :/

Also, it’s really worn out and faded.  :(

It’s a little hard to see in photos…but look hard.

Not a prob!  I reached for a box ‘o dye!

Feeling a bit green!

I left my dress in its dye bath for about 40 minutes, then gave it a rinse & dry.  So, now the fading has been taken care of, but what about the shape?   I decided I didn’t feel like wearing a dress today anyways, so I made a big chop!

Le Chop!

This dress is made of cotton jersey, so there was no need to hem that bottom edge, as it isn’t going to fray. :)

Now I have a fun Art Deco-ish top!  :)

Muuuch more striking than that boring dress! :)
I turn up my nose at faded frocks! :)

This is what I wore to work today.  Yes…I am apparently incapable of dressing like a proper grown-up.

Grown Up in Disguise!

The way I see it is, work is grown-up enough!  Might as well surround yourself with as many fun things as possible!

Joe Don Baker keeps me motivated!
My sweet sock monkey earns the respect and admiration of my colleagues!

But perhaps this is silly.  Maybe the time has come to do away with childish things…

No one should have a puppet in their office, should they?

…or not.  :)


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