Day 356: Almost an Evening Dress

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Day 355: Go!

Wowza…Summer is officially in full effect here in the south!  With temps in the mid-90’s and crazy humidity, today’s dress wasn’t going to work as-is!

I can’t stand those stifling sleeves! :(

This dress really isn’t that bad…but those sleeves must go!

I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work!

Picky Picky!

Once the sleeves were out of the picture, I sewed down my new arm holes.

Mysterious Sewing Mood Lighting!

Now my dress is ready for an evening of theatre…

Feeling light & cool in newly-sleeveless dress! :)

…well Almost an Evening, which is the name of the show I was asked to review for Jasper Magazine.  :)

You can read my review of this darkly entertaining production right here!  :)

Such a fun night!  :)

Everyone’s a critic…well…at least I am. :)


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