Day 349: From Sleepshirt to Sassy Dress

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A lot of you guys have told me how much you loved my T-shirt refash from Day 210, and have asked to see more.  Well…today is your lucky day, friends!  :)

I started off with this khaki tee from the Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill.

It’s actually really comfy. I’m tempted to leave it as-is! :)

I made a cut down the middle of each sleeve, like so:

Just a little snip! :)

Then, I pulled the neck hole down under my arms and tied the sleeve sections together in the front!  :)

Now that Tee has gone from sleepshirt to sassy!  :)

It’s still really comfy, too! :)

Thrift stores are crammed full of plain ol’ tees.  Why not turn them into something fun?  :)

It’s that easy! :)



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