Day 347: Low-High-Low Hem Top

Day 348: Living a Lie Top
Day 346: The Vapors Dress

I love when I find pieces that are made of silk!  :)

Mmmmmm! Silky! :)

Unfortunately, this silk dress has been overwashed, so the texture is a bit off, and the weave is really tight.  I decided to take advantage of this.  :)

I put the dress on its side and gave it a funky new hem!  Because the weave is so tight from the overwashing, I didn’t have to worry about it fraying, so I left the bottom edge raw.

A Low-High-Low Hem! :)

And that’s it!  Now I have a fun & flowy top to wear for a Bad Movie Night with friends!  :)

Looks great with my Grandma’s brooch too! :)
Happy Feet! :)
Old Roller Derby Buds! :)


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