Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

Day 346: The Vapors Dress
Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases

I’m a firm believer that denim should only exist in 3 states: jeans, jackets, and the occasional miniskirt!  Anything else is just too redneck-y and sad for my tastes!  :P

But then I stumbled across this:

So why in the world would I choose this terrible thing?

Sometimes I actually pity a piece of clothing.  This is one of them!  I’m going against my denim aversion to try and make this dress cute…or at least wearable!

Could it be done?!?!  I had to try!

First, I set about removing those sleeves.  I grabbed my seam ripper, put on an episode of Downton Abbey, and picked away!  :)

Picky Picky!
Double Amputee! :)

Next, I pinned those raw edges from the armholes under.

No raw edges here!

I sewed down my new armholes…

Going sleeveless! :)

…then plopped this frock on my dress form and got to pinning/fitting!

Ooooh! It’s shaping up, folks! :)

As I pinned, I noticed something peculiar.  This dress is living a huge LIE!!!!

Fake Front Placket!!!! WTH????

Since the button-up front was a false front, I couldn’t make it quite as fitted as I would like, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in/out of the thing!  :/

I put my new dress under the needle to take in each side.


Okay, so now everything is nice & fitted, but that length needed some serious hikeage!

A nice, big chop!
A nice, new hem! :)

I pressed the whole thing, tossed it on, and hurried off to The Thirsty Fellow to meet some pals for baseball and beer!  :)

Not my usual, but a VAST improvement! :)
I love these guys! :)
Go Gamecocks!!! :)
Such cuties! :)

Oh…and I have a challenge for you, dear reader:


Cheers!  :)

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