Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases

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As you guys know by now, I’m in hardcore Get My New Abode Looking Nice Mode!  :)  While unpacking, I uncovered these pillowcases I bought crazy madcakes on sale.

Mmmmm! Egyptian Cotton! :)

I love how nice & soft these are, but as you can see, cream pillowcases on a mostly white duvet aren’t exactly exciting.   :/  Life is too short for boring bedding, my friends!

I reached for a box of dye…

This hue shall do!

…and prepared a wee dye bath in a pitcher.

Come on in! The water’s fine!

I wadded up my pillowcases and shoved them in!

Now we play the waiting game!

I left the cases in their bath for an hour without touching them at all.  Then I tossed them in my washing machine for a rinse.

Almost done! :)

After a quick dry, my new pillowcases are ready for my boudoir!

So funky! :)

I love the awesome batikish way these came out!  They’re perfect for my new space!  :)

I sleep here!

Cheers!  :)

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