Day 342: Welcome to Jillian Place Dress

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Day 341: I dip, you dip, we dip! Dress

I do so love a big beautiful print!  :)

I love it!  I swear!

As some of you know, I’ve been in a bit of a transitional period for the past few months.  After fella and I broke off our engagement, I moved out of our beloved duplex and into the house of my good friends, Mike and Whitney.  The plan was this:  They had just bought a new house that was being renovated.  I would stay with them until they were ready to move, and then I’d rent out their old house.  Voila!  So…they’ve basically tolerated me squatting with them since March, and I am eternally grateful!!!!  I’m sure their parrots are eternally grateful to be leaving, although they’ll probably miss chasing me around the kitchen (Birds are scary) and trapping me on the staircase.  M. & W. are pretty much awesome sauce.  :)

So now, they’ve moved into their sweet new digs, thus allowing me to take over what I am now naming Jillian Place (Stately Jillian Manor seemed a bit pretentious).  :)  Today, I took off work early to meet my ‘rents who brought me a bit of my much-needed furniture.  :)  I wanted to look nice, so they knew everything was really okay (If I can put together a cute outfit, I obviously have my shit together, right?).  :)

Today’s refash is really easy.  I snipped out those shoulder pads…

Pads are bad. :(

…and hiked up the length a bit!

Take a hike!
Pin that hem!

And just like that, my dress was ready to meet the parents!  :)

Yellow Fishnets FTW!!!

And look!  I didn’t even make a sash!  I adore sashes (in case you’re a bit slow and hadn’t figured this out yet), but I didn’t want to break up that big bold print!  :)

Totally sashless! ;)

Mom & Dad refused all photo ops and requested to not be shown in my blog (WHAT?!?!!!).  Luckily, their sweet pups had no such qualms!  :)

Hi Daisy! :)
Maddie wants love too! :)

So, my new place is gradually coming together!  :)  It’s nice to feel like my life is getting back to some sense of normalcy.

Why yes…my bed is a mattress on the floor. Don’t judge me. :P


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