Day 341: I dip, you dip, we dip! Dress

Day 342: Welcome to Jillian Place Dress
Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts!

After an all-nighter spent getting my new digs cleaned up/set up, I was in no mood to deal with this blah blah BLAH frock!  :(

It’s giving me a major case of The Blahs!!! :/

Alas!  Deal with it I must (It’s kinda the whole point of this blog, in case you haven’t noticed)!

Not only was this dress realllly unattractive, it had another little problem!

A wee hole!

I have some interesting plans for this one, folks!  First I trimmed off that bottom hem detail and put it aside.

I have big plans for you! :)

This dress was too big for me, so I got to work taking it in.


Then, I took a bit more length from the bottom…

Just a smidge more!

…and gave my dress a new hem!

Okay, so now my dress was taken in and hiked up, but still boring as could be!

I reached for a box o’ dye…

You’ll be green with envy when you see where I’m going with this! :)

I made a dye bath on my stove, and submerged most of the bottom half of the dress in it.

Taking a dip!

I left the dress in its bath for about 40 minutes.  I gave it a good rinse & dry, and was almost done!  :)

I carefully trimmed the fabric from that crocheted section I removed from the dress, and sewed the crocheted sections end to end to make a sash!

Come together…right now!

Then, I fixed that little hole.  :)

It ain’t no big thang!

Check out that boring dress now!  :)

Loving the splash of color! :)

I wore my new dress for an after-work brewski…

…keep in mind I’m going on no sleep here…

…then got home and flopped my exhausted self into bed!  :)


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