Day 336: Into the Garden Top

Day 337: Art Collector Dress
Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt

Holy Housedress, Batman!  :/


You’re looking at a rather massive muumuu I scored for $1.  It’s label read “Smart Time” (?).  The smartest thing I could think of to do with frumptastic piece (with a fun summer print…I must admit) was to turn it into a fun top.  :)

First, I took it in 4″.  My sewing machine has been a bit wonky lately.  I keep having to adjust the upper and lower thread tension every time I use it.  Anybody know what that’s about?


Then, I lopped off that bottom tier!  :)


And that’s it!  Now I have a fun summer top that pairs well with my GINORMOUS red shades!  :)

I look like a fly in my big shades, but I love them all the same! :)


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