Day 334: Room for Improvement Dress

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Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt
Day 333: Wave of Mutilation Dress

Today’s dress is from the “Little Old Church Lady” collection.  :)

Those are some craaaazy shoulderpads, lemme tell ya!

Note those massive shoulder pads (the higher the shoulders, the closer to God?), that unraveling doily of a collar, and that uber-unflattering dropped angular waist!

I really have my work cut out for me with this one, folks!

Speaking of cutting…

Now those Funky-Shaped Shoulder Pads are a thing of the past!!
Time for those stifling sleeves to go buh-bye as well!
Same for that length!
Goodbye Doily!

I used the bottom scrap as a sort of obi belt, and put the dress on backwards (to give me a less stifling neckline).

Now I have a cute work-worthy dress in a lovely hue!  :)

Ah! Much improved! :)

It’s very simple-looking, but I think that’s just fine, considering how this dress began its life!


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