Day 332: Tunactiy Dress

Day 333: Wave of Mutilation Dress
Day 331: Herbie Tunic

I couldn’t help but note that there was something decidedly fishy about today’s piece.

My wit is clearly floundering today, folks!  ;)

I must admit, I love the print and the pale lavender hue of this dress!  Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me.   Hmmmnnn…

Anywho…this dress was going to need a bit of work before it was ready for an evening hanging out with friends!

I began by chopping off that bottom hem.  This will end up being (you guessed it) my sash.  :)

Filet o Fish!

Then I got to pinning!

Nice & Fitted!

A good bit of sewing followed.


I cut off the extra fabric and chopped my new dress t0 make it short and sweet!

Chopping the Fishies!

I hemmed the bottom edge, pressed the whole shebang, and now I have a fun dress for supping with friends!  :)

Supping with the Fishes! ;)
Chillin’ with Phillip! :)
Phillip looooves Max! :)
The charming hosts!
Igor isn’t as licky as his brother! :)

Cheers!  :)

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