Day 330: Dark & Stormy Jeans

Day 331: Herbie Tunic
Day 329: Evan Tunic

Today’s refash comes from my own closet! :)  I have owned this pair of jeans for 12 years.


I never wear these.  The fit is great, but I just hate the extremely dated wash (from back when that sort of dingy look was “in”).  :/

I don’t know why it never occurred to me that all I needed to do to turn these jeans of last resort into my new faves was a bit of dye!  :)

Double Trouble! :)

You can see I’m using a dark blue mixed with a bit of black.  I really want to get these as dark as I possibly can!

I’m dyeing a couple of other things in there as well! :)

I left the jeans in their dye bath for about an hour.  A thorough rinse and dry followed.

Check ’em out now!  :)

Stylin’ with a LBD! :)

And just in case some of you wonder if I’m hiding anything under my little black dress…

See? The dye job went flawlessly! :)

I felt quite cool in my newly darkened jeans, and even struck a hipster pose!  ;)

Dripping with Hipness! :)

I wore my new jeans for a fun happy hour at with some fabulous people!  :)

Hiya! :)
Indulging in one of my fave vices! ;)
Cute Couple (and I dig his shorts)! :)
Pale Ale + Cigars = A Happy Jillian! :)

Cheers!  :)

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