Day 329: Evan Tunic

Day 330: Dark & Stormy Jeans
Day 328: Crankypants Dress

When a couple I’m good friends with moved away (boo!), they gave me a big box of all the clothes they didn’t want anymore (yay!).  In the box was this nice white mens’ dress shirt.

Nice as in nice fabric…not so nice on me…yet! :)

I put it on backwards underneath my arms with the collar out like so:

Just like this!

Then I tied it in the front like so:

See where we’re going here?

Then, I wrapped the sleeves to the back and tied them again!  :)  In just a couple of no-sew steps, I have a delightful new summer tunic!  :)

Thanks Evan! :)
So pretty & light!  :)
Loving the warmer weather! :)


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