Day 325: It’s a Skirt Bag!

Day 326: Grecian Bubble Dress
Day 324: Play in the Park Dress

Check out this fun piece!

What’s fun about it????

Bright colors are extremely on trend right now!  But not in the form of ugly frumpy skirts!  I’m not worried.  I have no attention of leaving this skirt as-is.

First, I made a couple of cuts!

Chop #2!

Then, I got to pinning!

Pin along the bottom!
Pin a strap!

Time to put it all together!  :)



Attach that Strap!

And will ya look at what I have now?  :)

It’s a Skirt Bag! :)


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5 thoughts on “Day 325: It’s a Skirt Bag!

  1. I’m loving your site and especially this madras bag! It makes me want my sewing machine to get working again soon.

    1. I’m lucky because I’ve learned how to fix my own. I’m not sure if there are tutorials online or not–I took a class–but I’d check! DO consider your source though!
      It’s most likely just in need of a cleaning, where you go through everything that unscrews (unplug it first!), make sure there’s no lint, and every metal piece that touches other metal gets oiled–just one drop for each spot, then run scraps through to move the oil through, and so it doesn’t spot something you’re sewing.
      It could be the machine or bobbin’s not wound right or has a burr, or the needle needs changing. All easy foxes that cost a lot in repairs. But do get it fixed if that’s what it comes down to!
      I think if you go to they have a free class on sewing basics that I don’t know what’s in it, but I’m sure they’re reliable.

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