Day 318: To Dye For Dress

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Hooray for having a washing machine that once again gets hot water!  :) I knew I’d want to dye something right away!  I chose this little dress for today.


This dress suffers from the same condition of many other little dresses that find their way to thrift store clearance bins.  It’s faded and stained.

Stains! :(

Oh…and the red parts have bled into the white parts.  :/


Now…this dress in unsellable is its current condition, all it needs is a little dye job to get it looking nice & new!  :)

I reached for a box of dye.

Hello, old friend! :)

Some of you guys might think my color choice is a bit odd.  I went with dark brown because Brown + Red = Maroon, which is one of my favorite colors!  :)  I also really wanted to make this dress a bit more muted.

I mixed up my dye…

Not the classiest vessel, I know!

…and added it to my washing machine!


I left my dress in the dye bath for about 40 minutes, then gave it a rinse & dry!

Now that dress is looking new and fabu!  :)

Nicely done! :)
Cheers to being able to dye again! :)

I spent my evening just hanging out watching Woody Allen movies with the very sweet Pongo.  :)

Isn’t he handsome? :)
Yay for dye!

Cheers!  :)

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