Day 311: Identity Crisis Dress

Day 312: Nothing Rhymes with Flannel Dress
Day 310: Crawfish Fest Top

When handed over this skirt, I gasped…and not because it was hideous or frumpy or creepily stained.  I gasped because it was really quite lovely!  :)

So lovely! :)

At first I didn’t understand why RLC thought this was unsellable.  Then I saw this:

Holey Mackerel!!!

This was a fairly big hole, but still an easy fix!


So…now that skirt is fixed and ready to go back, but I had other plans for it first!  :)

It’s the skirt that thinks it’s a dress! :)

All I did here was use the drawstring at the waist to make this skirt into a halter dress.  This doesn’t always work with just any drawstring skirt, by the way.  The reason this one worked so well is that the top is much more fitted than the bottom (look at the before pic again).  :)

Halt(er)! Who goes there?!


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