Day 307: Gala Dress

Day 308: Flit & Flirt Dress
Day 306: Damages Sweater

As usual, a major event snuck up on me, with me totally unprepared!   By day, I work at the as their Grants Manager (A big Pttttttthbt!  to those of you who have speculated in my comments section that I don’t work full-time).  For the past couple of months, everyone’s been super-busy preparing for our annual , which is a big fundraiser for us.  So, it’s not like I didn’t see it coming.  Unfortunately, when the big day came, I realized I didn’t have a thing to wear!  I had no idea what I was going to refashion, as I really didn’t have anything that looked remotely cocktail dress-ish!  :/

I dug furiously through my stash, cursing at myself, with only a few minutes to get ready, and came up with this:

No Jillian. This ain’t fancy! :(

This is a rather casual dropped waist numba with a tiny stain on the front (which completely failed to show up in pics, sorry!).  I hate anything with a dropped waist, as NO ONE looks good in these things.  NO ONE.  Nope…not even you.  So just don’t wear them, okay?  ;)

I needed to get rid of that dropped waist, and make this thing look fancy, STAT!  First, I made a big chop!


I knew I wanted to turn that bottom scrap into a wide sash to hide the stain, and raise the waist of the dress, but I wanted to do something a bit more fun with it than my usual plain jane sashes.  I cut three long fringey parts on each side.

Fringey bits!

Then, I tied my sash on by tying the fringey bits off to one side, wrapping them around my waist to the other side, and tying them again!

I think my last-minute refash ended up quite nice!  :)

Bringing Fetching Back! ;)

When I found out I would have to wear a weirdo orange button (see waist) for this event, I compensated as much as I could by tossing on complimentary orange accessories…Like these bad boys:


Even though I had to work the whole time, I managed to sneak in a bit of fun too!  ;)

All your dots are belong to us! ;)
Spy Vs. Spy!
Hi, Mr. Photographer! :)

I even snapped a few pics of some of my favorite pieces from the sale!  :)

I heart Dorothy Netherland!
Fiber Art…perhaps my next terrain?
My fave colors…all in one place! :)
I’m actually a proud owner of two of Saad’s Sterling Sculpture Necklaces! :)
I like the composition of this one.
Heeeere fishy fishy! :)

After the gala, I swung by Art Bar to unwind a bit.  While there, I ran into Becca, who was wearing a realllly cute refashed Tee!  Such a fun night!  :)

Digging on Becca’s refash! :)

Cheers!  :)

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