Day 306: Damages Sweater

Day 307: Gala Dress
Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters

Today’s piece comes from .  It’s a perfectly fine cozy cardi, right?

Cute & Cozy!

Unfortunately, this Cardi is hiding something!

Picks!  Holes!  The Horror!

There’s something else you need to know about this sweater, folks!

Phillip Lim!!!!!! NEW! WITH FLIPPIN’ TAGS!!!!!!!!

If you click on this link, right , you’ll see that the original retail price for this guy is $450WHOA.

So, this sweater has gone from being worth $450 to being worth $0, because it is damaged.

You’re gonna laugh when you see how easy the fix for this is!

Snip One. Then Snip the Other!

I thought I’d have to add a hem, but this sweater is a super-tight knit that doesn’t fray!  Yay!  It did do a funky rolling thing where I made my cuts…

On a roll!

But lookie lookie at those pockets!

ALSO on a roll! :)

So, now my sleeves are nice & short (perfect for a SC Spring evening), they match other style elements on the sweater (the pockets), and this $450 sweater didn’t cost me a thing (huzzah)!  :)

Now those sleeves are Short & Sweet!

I wore my new sweater out to , where many noms were had!  :)

Yummmmm! Kofta Steak!!!!
It pairs well with a Pinot Grigio too!

Cheers!  :)

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7 thoughts on “Day 306: Damages Sweater

  1. Things we cannot “fix” at Revente go into a bag for Jillian. Why toss it when it can be refashioned?

    1. I’m soooooo happy that more and more stores are donating damaged goods to people who can save them, rather than tossing them out! It would have been a shame to lose this one!

      1. I wish there were more places like that in Orlando or Florida in general. I own a sewing machine and can hand sew. I would love to fix up pieces for women in need.

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