Day 303: Babies of the Eighties Top

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Welcome back to the 1980’s, everybody!  :)  Today’s piece is a fitted & shoulderpadded number that reminds me of one I had as a kid!


It’s not all bad news here though!  Right now bright neon colors are incredibly in, so all this dress needs is a bit of an update.  :)

First, I ripped out those shoulder pads, as I had no intention of playing any full- sports that day.  ;)


I thought this dress would work much better as a top, so I hacked off some of the length.


Then I snipped off those way-too-dated sleeves!


I cut a few triangle-shaped notches along the edge of my new armholes.  This makes it easier to fold them over for pinning!

Just like that!

After I pinned my arm holes with the greatest of ease, I ran each one through my machine!


Then I gave that bottom raw edge a new hem as well!

Almost done!!!

Now that 80’s top is looking way more current!  :)

From Crappy to Current! :)

My new top enjoyed hanging out with a few fun friends!  :)

Hi Jamie! :)
Two swell fellas! :)
A triad of awesomeness! :)
Fun times with fun friends! :)


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