Day 300: Culture Vulture Top

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Day 301: Tangerine Dream Dress
Day 299: Refashed in the US Dress

I get so inspired from all the fun prints I find when I go thrifting.   Sadly, the fun fabric isn’t doesn’t always belong to the most fun garments!

Fetching Fabric, but Dull Design! :/

This is a pretty basic elastic-waisted skirt.  Meh.  Not much going on here.  Today I was in a rare jeans mood, so a skirt wasn’t going to work!

I grabbed my scissors and snipped off that elastic waistband.


I wasn’t going to need the side pockets on this skirt, so I stitched them up and cut them off!

I'm not usually so anti-pocket, I swear! :)

Then, I put the skirt upside-down on my dress form and pinned it at the shoulders.

Do you see where I'm going with this one yet? :)

I ran the pinned places through my machine, and used the discarded elastic waistband to cinch my waist.

Now I have a lovely new top!  :)


I wore my new top to see Cinemovements, silent films scored by the SC Philharmonic!  :)

I know...can't see a thing, can ya? :/
Happy Film Buffs! :)


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